Geniuses Recommend Brain Zapping

A good friend and I were sitting on his yacht, in Cartagena, Colombia laughing about the crazy stuff that happens in third world countries. He said, “John, you gotta love it. You just can’t make this crap up.”

So it goes with brain zapping, but this is happening in developed nations. The U.K. Daily Mail sang praises for electrical stimulation of the brain, at two prominent universities, saying it improved math skills dramatically…or worsened math skills dramatically. That was in 2010. Watching internet trends, there seems to be a revival in shocking those pesky neurons into compliance.

You can purchase the equipment to make 9 volt scalp zappers, complete with a blueprint, or you can demonstrate your burning desire for intelligence to your friends by stepping up to a 110 volt model. It can only be a matter of time before those craving even more knowledge aim for 240 or 1200 volt models. It would probably be more cost effective to cover the head with an appropriate sized mosquito zapper.

Before I start receiving nasty letters, I am very familiar with the medical use of electroconvulsive therapy, deep brain stimulation, and vagal nerve stimulation. I am aware that brain shocking has been around since the 1700’s and was popularized as acceptable treatment in 1938. Problem is, the internet geniuses that try this stuff have a brain the size of a golf ball and can’t afford to lose a single neuron to experimentation.


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