My World-Case Studies

My World: Intimate Friends In My Bed

A case study for:Bed Bugs and Globe Trotters

I flew into Sydney and checked into a 3 star hotel. The following morning I was to fly to Lord Howe Island to meet a friend in the Royal Australia Air Force to observe the mutton birds (shearwaters) among other things. These sea birds are great at flying but land crashing into trees and falling to the ground.

As the sun rose I woke up with bites on my arms and legs in a linear pattern and had hives on my chest. Sure of what the problem was, I still asked the desk clerk her opinion, she said, “Oh, you didn’t read the sign?” I said, “No I got in late with a little jet lag.” She pointed to a small index card on the counter with several other taped down, yellowing cards, maps of the area, and what appeared to be a frequently glued back together, ceramic satisfaction guaranteed sign. The card read, “Recent bed bug infestation…Pesticides applied “. The clerk said, “I guess they didn’t get them all again.” “You can either stay another night for free or I can give you 50% of the charge back.” I thought I saw her giggle. I slammed my fist down busting the satisfaction guaranteed sign and headed towards the pharmacy.


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