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Brazil Olympics 2016: Travel, Immunizations, and Taking Pets

Current recommendations for immunizations, dangers, hygiene, and pets when traveling to Brazil.

The Brazilian hosted Olympics are growing nearer as are the dead-lines for several important issues.

  • All routine vaccinations need to be up to date including tetanus. Tetanus vaccines should be renewed at least every 10 years. Booster shots are recommended after 5 years for any injury where tetanus is a possibility.
  • Hepatitis A vaccination is a very good idea as is a yellow fever inoculation. Neither are a requirement for US or European countries.
  • You should have a physician’s letter stating what your current medications are and what they are being used for. A limited amount of prescription narcotics are allowed.
  • Always have an appropriate First Aid kit.
  • Observe strict sanitation standards and carry appropriate amounts of chlorine, iodine, and/or filtering mechanisms. Read: Prevention and Treatment of Traveler’s Diarrhea.
  • Practice safe sex and avoid pregnancy if possible.
  • Carry adequate amounts of a non-aerosol DEET or mosquito repellant product.

Domestic pets: Cats and Dogs.

You must present a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, issued by a licensed veterinarian. This needs to include:

  • The name and address of the owner matching your passport.
  • Name, breed, age (birth date), color, weight, markings.
  • Destination and country of origin.
  • Current findings on physical examination.
  • This should be translated into Portuguese and certified by a Brazilian embassy.

You may need a vaccination record e.g. after the first rabies vaccination, you must wait 21 days before your pet can enter.

Note: No animal previously diagnosed with Leishmaniosis may enter Brazil at any time.

Note: Check with the airline you plan to travel on regarding their pet policy. It varies from airline to airline e.g. Azul allows no pets; American Airline allows non-coach services and has kennel fees.

Be especially careful in keeping your pet secure and not out of your sight in Brazil. Theft is high.

These rules apply to non-service animals.


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