Latin American Countries That Provide Zika Virus Alerts Experience Increase in Abortion Requests

A study co-authored by Princeton University and released on 22 June, 2016 stated that countries providing Zika alerts were experiencing increased abortion requests. Women were tracked statistically on a web site where they can request abortion pills and advise. This service is illegal in many countries and raises concerns about women’s health, the pursuit of dangerous illegal abortions, and fraud. International aid groups will no doubt be reviewing these findings and, as always, Health care workers and patient education will be key to the resolution.

My take: Venezuela promotes health education for smokers by printing cadavers with their chests open, revealing shrunken, black lungs on every cigarette pack. Many of the pictures are obviously altered. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Photo Shopped pictures of babies with lemon sized heads to educate women on the risks of Zika and microcephaly. No wonder these poor girls are scared to death.


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